Inbox Detox #03 | Bloody Knees, whenyoung, Llovers

I’m as shocked as you are that I’ve managed to keep this new segment Inbox Detox going for three weeks. That’s not like me. To get you up to speed, every week the ADM email account is inundated with submissions from bands, labels, and other ‘people off of the industry’ tipping their tracks for the approval of yours truly. Here are some of the best bits from the last seven days.

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WHENYOUNG / “This time last year we would not be saying that Aoife had punched Bono”

Formed in Limerick, Ireland, and now based in London, guitar pop trio whenyoung look all set to become the next big thing in British indie. Endorsed by everyone from The Maccabees to Nick Cave, they’ve toured with the likes of Peace and Declan McKenna and this week unveiled ‘Heaven On Earth’, a new single that demands to be played on repeat; their rough-cut songs gloss up hidden complexities with happy-go-lucky exteriors. With a debut EP slated for release at the end of summer, theirs is a name you should get to know right now.

whenyoung are one of our new music tips for Latitude Festival 2018.
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