LUCIA / “You’d be fucking disco dancing all weekend”

Glasgow newcomer Lucia Fairfull’s neon-tinged music is saturated with references to Blondie, Bowie, and Madonna. Since releasing a debut EP as more of a solo project, Lucia has evolved into a full-blown band affair, which has seen the foursome hit the road with their art-punk mates The Ninth Wave, and before that Britpop darlings Sleeper, where we had a post-set chat at Norwich Arts Centre.

Lucia are one of our new music tips for Latitude Festival 2018

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Track of the Day #06: LUCIA – Melted Ice Cream

For fans of: Black Honey, Lush, Sonic Youth
Hear it live: Camden Assembly (with Milk Disco) on January 25th

Glasgow has been a hotspot for epic new bands these past few years (if you haven’t already, wrap your ears around WHITE, Baby Strange, The Ninth Wave) and the latest face on the scene is LUCIA. With its hazy vocals and distinct percussion her 2017 ‘Best Boy’ EP introduced the world to a super cool, goth girl next door, and this new single ‘Melted Ice Cream’ steps her sonic presence up to the next level. Lyrically she details her sadness at the loss of a mate, pondering “Why do you hate me? You’re supposed to be my best friend”, while dusky backing vocals swirl around fuzzed-up guitar, mixing grunge and post-punk elements with a charming new-romantic delivery. It’s catchy and relatable-A-F, and with the floor currently open for the Next Big Thing In 2018, LUCIA is looking more and more like a legitimate candidate.

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