BLOXX / “I don’t want to go home and work at ‘spoons anymore”

Uxbridge foursome Bloxx are a lucky bunch. Since forming in spring 2016, the guitar-pop newcomers have strutted their stuff on stages nationwide alongside some of the finest indie acts of the moment – not bad for a band who still work in Wetherspoons [update – none of the band work at Wetherspoons anymore]. When I join drummer Moz, guitarist Taz, bassist Paul, and ringleader Fee Booth in the green room at Norwich UEA, they’re on the home stretch of an enormous tour opening for The Wombats, set to conclude in a couple of days time at London’s Alexandra Palace. This is a big deal.

Bloxx are one of our new music tips for Latitude Festival 2018

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Track of the Day #19: Bloxx – Novocaine

For fans of: The Amazons, Jaws, Fickle Friends
Hear it live: Norwich UEA LCR (25 March) w/ The Wombats – tickets.

Hailing from West London, Bloxx’s ascent from four mates jamming out to nationally touring band-on-the-rise has been rapid, to say the least. Since opening for The Wombats at Brixton Academy last summer, the quartet have shared a string of decent but fairly generic singles. With a full UK tour alongside the Liverpool heroes just around the corner, their newest cut ‘Novocaine’ feels like a step in the way of bigger things. Between cloudy guitars and funk-heavy bass, Fee Booth snarls “I won’t wait until you figure it out”, a line you’ll have in your head for hours after listening.

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