TOTD#33: Girli – Play It Cool

For fans of: Lily Allen, Declan McKenna, Charli XCX
Hear it live: Norwich EPIC Studios (2 April) – tickets.

Everyone’s favourite London teen Girli is going on tour – and she’s back with a new single just in time. Constantly nailing it with those #relatable scenarios, ‘Play It Cool’ tackles that awkward moment when your romantic partner of choice just ain’t in it for the long run. Don’t worry though, you’re cool enough on your own and you don’t need to play it cool – so goes the mantra Milly Toomey shouts over an infectious ‘Hey Mickey’ reminiscent pop track. Next week Girli makes her first ever appearance in Norwich, so don’t miss it. Get to know the pink punk in our interview where we talked about activism and shenanigans on tour with Declan McKenna.

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TOTD#32: Gladboy – Take Me Away

For fans of: Blur, Yuck, Grizzly Bear
Hear it live: Norwich Arts Centre (2 April) w/ Jeffrey Lewis – tickets.

An understated asset to the Norwich music scene is UEA; year after year the university introduces fresh talent to the city that might not have made it up the A11 otherwise. Recent alumni include Isaac Gracie and Ellie Bleach, and it’s impossible to predict what the next passing sound will be. The latest arrival? Jaunty three-piece Gladboy, whose lo-fi, garage noises come with 50s doo-wop charm. They recently dazzled us supporting Willie J Healey, and then in the bar at Norwich Arts Centre (where they return very soon supporting Jeffrey Lewis, mind). At the latter performance, frontman George Orton’s penchant for woo’ing a crowd was all too clear; he frequently stepped down from the tiny stage to the floor, ultimately winning over a tough room of several-pint-deep’ers.

Now the group have shared their first two recordings. A-side ‘The Weight of Expectation’ churns up Britpop slackerisms under the guise of tropical indie, but it’s the B-side that really tingles the ear. The dewdrop-delicate intro to ‘Take Me Away’ quickly blossoms into a frenzy of feedback and noise. Orton’s sing-talk vocal style creates an unexpected deadpan tone, before a hearty sprinkling of shoo-wops bubble over distorted guitar. Imagine ‘To The End’ had Damon been a greaser type and you’re mostly there.

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TOTD#31: Let’s Eat Grandma – Falling Into Me

For fans of: Pixx, Girli, PC Music
Hear it live: London Heaven (27 September) – tickets.

Boy are we excited about this one. Norwich wonder kids Let’s Eat Grandma have announced their second studio album, titled ‘I’m All Ears’. Accompanying the news is a new single, ‘Falling Into Me’, a steamroller of a song that sees the duo’s freshly souped-up electro-pop sound explored in further detail (if you haven’t heard their SOPHIE-produced comeback ‘Hot Pink’, what are you waiting for?)

Pristine keys start the song, before pounding synthesizers emerge from the dark. Glitchy vocals are cut neatly around the thunder of distant drums, tying the organic quality of ‘Deep Six Textbook’ with an impactful new aesthetic that yearns to be heard. The melody is hypnotising, like a siren call you can’t resist nodding along to – not that you’d want to.

Further reading: Pitchfork’s excellent interview with the band.

‘I’m All Ears’ will be released on Friday 29th June, available to pre-order now.

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TOTD#30: Team Picture – (I Want Your) Life Hack


For fans of: Tame Impala, Gary Numan, Franz Ferdinand
Hear it live: London Shacklewell Arms (31 May) – free!

In their own words, Team Picture are “a group of six polite individuals who live in Leeds”. In ours, they’re one of the most intriguing new bands we’ve come across recently. Today, as well as announcing plans for a debut mini-album titled ‘Recital’, they’ve shared ‘(I Want Your) Life Hack’, an absolute stomper of a song. Over a steadily thunderous beat, brash guitars whirl and bursts of shout-sing vocals pop up intermittently. “I want your life hack”, they resolutely demand. The track is accompanied by a stunning pop-art-esque video which is as overwhelming for the senses as the music itself. Check them both out in the player above.

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TOTD#29: Spector – Fine Not Fine

For fans of: White Lies, The Horrors, Pulp
Hear it live: London Scala (24 May) – tickets.

It’s so good to have Spector back. With a new EP out this Friday (more on that later) the metropolitan moth boys have shared ‘Fine Not Fine’, a rampant and super-smart slice of electro-pop. About the makings of the song, frontman Fred Macpherson told Clash that “a Spector listener once told me our lyrics were good because every line could be an Instagram caption. In which case they’re going to love this one.” It’s true; his uber snappy quips about the reality of post-adolescent glory ought to be strung up in a gallery of ironic anti-motivational posters. A personal favourite? “Your neighbours came round / but didn’t complain / it wasn’t too loud / they wanted to stay”.

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TOTD#28: THYLA – I Was Biting

For fans of: Slowdive, Black Honey, INHEAVEN
Hear it live: Norwich Arts Centre (12 May) – tickets.

Brighton bunch THYLA are, to be honest, nauseatingly good. With their previous singles they’ve explored floaty shoegaze and brash, 80s power-pop (check out ‘Pristine Dream’ which we played on our radio visit the other day). Now they take their sound in a grungier direction on ‘I Was Biting’, an unstoppable stomper of a tune. Millie Duthie’s crystalline vocal booms throughout, while fuzzed-up guitars bloom as if from some lost My Bloody Valentine track. Gradually proving themselves to be more than just another south coast buzz-band, we can’t wait to hear what’s next from this majestic new outfit.

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TOTD#27: Ten Tonnes – Lay It On Me

For fans of: Declan McKenna, George Ezra, Circa Waves
Hear it live: Norwich Waterfront (18 March) w/ Tom Grennan – tickets.

Don’t make the mistake of pigeonholing Ten Tonnes. The 21-year-old newcomer may be the younger sibling of one Mr George Ezra, but Ethan Barnett is creating a buzz of his own with his unstoppably catchy brand of guitar-pop. About “telling someone if they need you, you’ll be there”, his latest single ‘Lay It On Me’ is an energetic driving-with-the-windows-down anthem waiting to happen. As well as a peppy chorus that rushes in from nowhere, it has a middle eight you can bet your bottom dollar on hearing in a festival field somewhere or another come warmer months.

Straight off the back of an arena tour opening for Stereophonics, you can catch Ten Tonnes on the road this month with Tom Grennan. And you should! It’s one of our March picks.

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