From folk to indie to riot grrrl, here’s 5 of the best local releases you may have missed in recent weeks

Here’s your homework for the weekend, folks: once you’ve checked out that fantastic new EP from Gladboy (and copped your ticket for their Waterfront shabang on Monday) wrap your ears around the rest of these other fantastic releases by local acts which may have slipped past you in recent weeks. Shoegaze, riot grrrl, noise rock, indie, and folk are all covered so don’t blame us if you don’t like at least one of them, you picky thing.

Who are they? The Glitter Shop
What is it? Tonic Call the Bank single
Sounds like? Wolf Alice, Turnover, The Maccabees
Why should I care? This Bury St. Ed’s trio haven’t been around for long but in the space of a year they’ve demonstrated an impressive penchant for carving out atmospheric bangers. This, their fourth release to date, only strengthens that trend, laying serene group vocals over hooks that you’ll have you grooving in no time.

Who are they? KULK
What is it? Jaded / Noises single
Sounds like? Slaves, Drenge, Black Flag
Why should I care? Originating in the depths of Suffolk but now both enrolled at NUA, Kulk’s Tom and Jade don’t just make unstoppable noise songs amped up to 11 (i.e. these new tracks). They also create all their own artwork, and make unique fanzines which they give away at gigs. Gigs, for example, like these ones that they’ve got coming up in and around Norwich.

Who are they? Bug Teeth
What is it? When All the World Has Gone to Bed EP
Sounds like? Slowdive, Mitski, Japanese Breakfast
Why should I care? The first formal release from Bug Teeth is a sweet and honest tying together of tracks previously drip-fed onto Bandcamp. Taking cues from 90s shoegaze bands but masterminded by just one individual with a guitar and a laptop, its five songs feel spacious and ethereal, but retain an intimate quality on account of their minimalist production. There’s a lot that could be said about the sincerity in Poppy’s poetic lyrics, and her ability to craft aural soundscapes that wash around your ears like waves at your ankles, but we’d rather let you listen and figure it out for yourself.

Who are they? Peach Club
What is it? Hell in Heels single
Sounds like? Hole, Bikini Kill, Deap Vally
Why should I care? Norwich’s premium riot grrrl outfit are only growing in power and eloquence when it comes to delivering their message of solidarity against the patriarchal powers-that-be. A hefty riff kicks off this latest song, which boils away slowly before rocketing up the tempo in a show of empowering gang mentality and some wicked crash cymbal action.

Who are they? Red Dear
What is it? An Imperfect Cadence EP
Sounds like? Slow Club, First Aid Kit, Laura Marling
Why should I care? We’ll come clean, folk music on the whole isn’t really our thing. Which is why it was such a pleasant surprise to find that this trio of songs from Red Dear is so enchanting and, to be honest, the last thing you might expect a 15 and a 17 year old to be the creators of. The EP’s pristine, analogue sound gives way to the celestial shimmer that comes when young minds align perfectly, like light through crystals. While sonically they are different, in that respect this project raises a close comparison with fellow Norwich youngsters Let’s Eat Grandma. If Dylan and Isabel can continue their free-spirited take on a classic medium, there may be some really special releases to look forward to in the future.


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