Gladboy premiere spooky space-rock escapade ‘Egopushin”

UEA misfits Gladboy have dropped ‘Egopushin”, the title track from their forthcoming EP, set for digital release on Friday 26th October via their own Trip-Sit Records.Limited CD copies will also be available at their headline show at The Waterfront Studio the following Monday.

‘Egopushin” is a five-minute cacophony of psychedelic noise, spiralling riffs and grating vocals courtesy of George Orton, in a similar sinister vein as The Wytches and Fat White Family.

The band describe the song as “A monolith of spooks. A real steel frenzy [which] sees schizophrenia roam free with euphoria and brown acid grooves for the carnival of a lifetime; the past’s weary reflection distorting with every pulsation. A boogie to fill your socks.” Right you are, then.

Listen to ‘Egopushin’’ below.

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