Inbox Detox #03 | Bloody Knees, whenyoung, Llovers

I’m as shocked as you are that I’ve managed to keep this new segment Inbox Detox going for three weeks. That’s not like me. To get you up to speed, every week the ADM email account is inundated with submissions from bands, labels, and other ‘people off of the industry’ tipping their tracks for the approval of yours truly. Here are some of the best bits from the last seven days.

Bloody Knees – Spinning

They say: “Bloody Knees veer left of their high energy garage rock sound and slow down the pace, embracing a more intense, more sonically ambitious sound”
We say: This is easily the best thing the BK bad boys have ever come out with. By doing away with the brashness of their older material, mellowing out the speed but maintaining the intense energy, they’ve created a nauseating, all-engrossing, flickering rock experience that doesn’t drag on in the slightest – rather, it gets more and more enjoyable with every spin (lol).

altopalo – Mono

They say: “Altopalo’s work focuses on what it means to be human amidst a rapidly changing technological and political landscape, and it furthers our understanding of the possibilities of music as a technological art”
We say: It’s not as pretentious as it sounds. Well, it might be. As they ready their debut album, this New York-based quartet have showcased a minimal, striking sound. Distorted noise-scapes create illusions of space using mysterious guitar effects and unobstructed bass rumbles, much like alt-J or more recent Bon Iver. It’s interesting, and worth a gamble.

whenyoung – Dreams

They say: “a much-loved live favourite from the band [that] showcases Aoife’s dreamlike vocals over euphoric guitars”
We say: Oh, whenyoung. You have my heart. This Limerick-formed London-based trio really are the indie darlings of the moment, and it’s fantastic to see them release a cover version of a song – an unorthodox move by most buzz band standards – that clearly holds a dear place in their foundations as a group (The Cranberries hailed from the same Irish city). It’s a live favourite for that very reason, and they’ve done it justice on record, crafting a fitting tribute to the late Dolores O’Riordan while further affirming their reputation as ‘next big thing’ material.

Party Hardly – Terry Shure

They say: “woozy, alt-rock… the band’s latest social commentary adds further credence to their songwriting capabilities”
We say: If you liked Honey Moon’s mellow moseying a couple of weeks ago, wrap your ears around this new slice from Leeds bunch Party Hardly. The band have ticked a great box on this one – recorded alongside the now legendary MJ from Hookworms, the track may be styled to evoke an analogue, retro character, but its hazy composition and bracing expansion around the 2:30 mark are so current and on trend. I’d be very surprised if their forthcoming ‘Cycle Of Life’ EP didn’t gain them an enthusiastic new following.

Llovers – Go Get Her, Go Getter

They say: “Specialising in shimmering indie anthems with unquestionable pop sensibility, the Teesside outfit’s newest effort reflects their continued rise in 2018”
We say: Tropical indie-pop groups are ten a penny of late (thanks The 1975, et al) so there’s a lot of shit to sift through if you want to get to the good stuff. Llovers stake a good claim on their latest cut. Trading unnecessarily catchy hooks for a looser, more sultry approach to guitar pop, it’s the strongest in their run of singles to date, and hopefully a sign of more good things to come. Don’t let me down, guys.

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