Inbox Detox #02 | Black Honey, The Vryll Society, Another Sky

Welcome to the second edition of the Not ‘Brand New’ But Still Quite New segment Inbox Detox. Every week the ADM email account is inundated with submissions from bands, labels, and other ‘people off of the industry’ tipping their tracks for the approval of yours truly. Check back here each week for the best picks we’ve received.

Black Honey – Midnight

They say: “an unashamed disco-pop Trojan horse that could only have been created by Black Honey, fully-loaded with their signature drama and a juggernaut top line”
We say: In the run up to their debut album (which is finally due out in September) Brighton’s Black Honey have missed the mark on occasion, but this release finds them back on track rolling out an absolute stomper as though they were born to. Hear it live at Norwich Arts Centre on 16th October.

Another Sky – Avalanche

They say: “the video sees lead singer Catrin Vincent stripped and baring her soul, evoking the emotional and deeply personal message of the song direct to camera”
We say: The latest act to sign to Fiction Records (The Maccabees, Tame Impala) channel an enthralling magic on their latest cut, which disintegrates from alt-J/the XX flutters into something far more disturbing at the two-minute mark.

The Vryll Society – Light At The Edge Of the world

They say: “the emerging quintet delve deeper into their eclectic palette of space rock, trip hop and psychedelia… further proof of their genre-bending versatility”
We say: Fans of Blossoms ought to perk an ear up for these guys, their former tour support. Though neither the video nor the song seem quite up to the calibre a band should be reaching approaching a debut LP, it certainly makes for a blissful listen on these sweltering summer nights.

Dead Naked Hippies – Guillotine

They say: “gritty and atmospheric… capturing the trio, and frontwoman Lucy Jowett especially, at their most honest both sonically and thematically”
We say: Having been on ADM’s radar for a while, the visceral new track from the Leeds outfit is reassuring proof that they’re pretty rad. With an instrumental that’s part Savages, part The Fall, it really is a striking track, and the minimal video only adds to the stark, analogue sensation it conjures.

Cosmic Strip – Heavenly

They say: “‘Heavenly’ thrives within its carefully constructed lyricism, reverb-tinged vocals and layers upon layers of dreamy guitars”
We say: Between their name, their tendency to dance around botanical gardens, and their knack for crafting ethereal melodies straight from space, Cosmic Strip are truly living their psychedelic shoegaze dreams. ‘Heavenly’ is no exception.

Becky and the Birds – Becky and the Birds

They say: “flowing seamlessly through intimate portraits of love, melancholy and surreal hedonism, the video is a hugely perceptive study of emotion, character and relationships”
We say: It seems Scandinavia’s capacity to produce sleek, disparate pop musicians is a trend far from over. Not that we’re complaining. The project of Swedish 21-year-old Thea Gustafsson, Becky and the Birds is an enticing self-titled mixtape now with added visuals, which mirror lush beats with striking stories of young, female characters.

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