Inbox Detox #01 | Calva Louise, Westerman, Russo

New segment klaxon! Every week the ADM inbox is inundated with emails from bands, labels, and ‘people in the industry’ tipping their tracks for the approval of yours truly. Check back here each week for the best bits we’ve received.

Dirty Nice ft. Desta French – Luvin U 

They say: “Meshing pristine piano with bouncy synths, gliding strings and co-habiting lead vocals dripping in cool, Luvin U is a masterclass in flippant pop”
We say: Buoyant, glowing R&B nestles effortlessly around pleasing synth wobbles as newcomer Desta French and Charlie Pelling’s sultry vocals ooze together, adding infectious sing-along-ability to an already tasty slice of summery alt-pop.

Honey Moon – (Why Do You Think You’re So) Special?

They say: “Theirs is a sound for accompanying coming-of-age-montages in teen b-movies, or a slow coffee sat at the table where the light flickers in the corner of the dine”
We say: The newest single from this jangly London foursome is a real breath of fresh air, combining the lazy sounds of Mac Demarco with a similar charm to that of Fur or The Magic Gang.

Calva Louise – Outrageous

They say: “Calva Louise share the visuals for their deafening anthem Outrageous… crammed full with skyscraping riffs, sumptuous harmonies and Jess Allanic’s biting vocals”
We say: Calva Louise have been a favourite of ours for a while now, and this latest track is proof that they’re only getting stronger. They’re a brilliant example of a young trio doing whatever they damn well like. Get on the bandwagon.

Westerman – Easy Money

They say: “I started out writing a love song, then it sort of morphed into more of a conversation. The subject matter is something I was thinking about too often. I wanted to retain a sense of romance in the music as counterpoint to where lyrics ended up”
We say: Glitchy and distorted instrumentals characteristic of Everything Everything pave the way for pristine vocals akin to alt-J. He’s just announced an October tour, well worth a gander.

Russo – Loudmouth

They say: “Their sound, a refreshing blend of pop and rock, coupled with their sweat-infused, high-energy live performances… critics are quick to compare this California based band to the likes of No Doubt and Blondie”
We say: Russo’s debut EP ‘House with a Pool’ is a thrilling ride laden with pop hooks. Taken from said EP, Loudmouth whirrs like an 80s analogue dream, uber-Grammable and utterly infectious.

Lion – Oh No

They say: “Combining bluesy riffs with soaring choruses and led by LION’s unique rasping howl and deft guitar playing, this track is equal parts The White Stripes and Florence Welch”
We say: The second single from London newcomer Lion shows an artist developing an authentic style, from her distinct warble to the crashing instrumental creating a sensation of almighty despair. She wowed us supporting Girli back in April, and has also opened for Isaac Gracie and The Vaccines.

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