TOTD#32: Gladboy – Take Me Away

For fans of: Blur, Yuck, Grizzly Bear
Hear it live: Norwich Arts Centre (2 April) w/ Jeffrey Lewis – tickets.

An understated asset to the Norwich music scene is UEA; year after year the university introduces fresh talent to the city that might not have made it up the A11 otherwise. Recent alumni include Isaac Gracie and Ellie Bleach, and it’s impossible to predict what the next passing sound will be. The latest arrival? Jaunty three-piece Gladboy, whose lo-fi, garage noises come with 50s doo-wop charm. They recently dazzled us supporting Willie J Healey, and then in the bar at Norwich Arts Centre (where they return very soon supporting Jeffrey Lewis, mind). At the latter performance, frontman George Orton’s penchant for woo’ing a crowd was all too clear; he frequently stepped down from the tiny stage to the floor, ultimately winning over a tough room of several-pint-deep’ers.

Now the group have shared their first two recordings. A-side ‘The Weight of Expectation’ churns up Britpop slackerisms under the guise of tropical indie, but it’s the B-side that really tingles the ear. The dewdrop-delicate intro to ‘Take Me Away’ quickly blossoms into a frenzy of feedback and noise. Orton’s sing-talk vocal style creates an unexpected deadpan tone, before a hearty sprinkling of shoo-wops bubble over distorted guitar. Imagine ‘To The End’ had Damon been a greaser type and you’re mostly there.

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