Calva Louise have a right old party in the video for ‘I’m Gonna Do Well’

Our London-via-France-via-Venezuela favourites Calva Louise are currently on tour around the UK, and they’ve shared a new video for ‘I’m Gonna Do Well’. Isn’t that lovely of them? Watch the clip below…

Everything’s peachy in the land of Calva Louise. The scuzzy-rock trio’s latest vid sees Jess, Alizon, and Ben whip out the sunglasses and beach balls for a right-good knees-up. A freshly remastered version of ‘I’m Gonna Do Well’ is the soundtrack, a neatly sliced three minutes of high-octane indie that ends in a lot of screaming.

Check out our chat with the band for some excellent stories about wrapping each other in clingfilm, organising tour dates whilst drunk, and medieval violinists who “people said was the devil”.

The group have just announced three support dates alongside rock anarchists Strange Bones, well worth a gander t-b-h.

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