TOTD#31: Let’s Eat Grandma – Falling Into Me

For fans of: Pixx, Girli, PC Music
Hear it live: London Heaven (27 September) – tickets.

Boy are we excited about this one. Norwich wonder kids Let’s Eat Grandma have announced their second studio album, titled ‘I’m All Ears’. Accompanying the news is a new single, ‘Falling Into Me’, a steamroller of a song that sees the duo’s freshly souped-up electro-pop sound explored in further detail (if you haven’t heard their SOPHIE-produced comeback ‘Hot Pink’, what are you waiting for?)

Pristine keys start the song, before pounding synthesizers emerge from the dark. Glitchy vocals are cut neatly around the thunder of distant drums, tying the organic quality of ‘Deep Six Textbook’ with an impactful new aesthetic that yearns to be heard. The melody is hypnotising, like a siren call you can’t resist nodding along to – not that you’d want to.

Further reading: Pitchfork’s excellent interview with the band.

‘I’m All Ears’ will be released on Friday 29th June, available to pre-order now.

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