TOTD#30: Team Picture – (I Want Your) Life Hack


For fans of: Tame Impala, Gary Numan, Franz Ferdinand
Hear it live: London Shacklewell Arms (31 May) – free!

In their own words, Team Picture are “a group of six polite individuals who live in Leeds”. In ours, they’re one of the most intriguing new bands we’ve come across recently. Today, as well as announcing plans for a debut mini-album titled ‘Recital’, they’ve shared ‘(I Want Your) Life Hack’, an absolute stomper of a song. Over a steadily thunderous beat, brash guitars whirl and bursts of shout-sing vocals pop up intermittently. “I want your life hack”, they resolutely demand. The track is accompanied by a stunning pop-art-esque video which is as overwhelming for the senses as the music itself. Check them both out in the player above.

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