Track of the Day #25: Blossoms – I Can’t Stand It

For fans of: Courteeners, Peace, Two Door Cinema Club
Hear it live: London Kentish Town Forum (10 May) – tickets.

Don’t worry, it’s okay to be happy about Blossoms’ imminent return, and not just because it puts an end to a patchy and quite frankly irritating publicity campaign. The Stockport quintet’s new single ‘I Can’t Stand It’, is surprisingly pretty good. Adopting a more upbeat tone than their debut, which often moseyed along at awkward mid-tempos, the song commands an air of urgency. From a lo-fi drum track, it blossoms (sorry) into a pristine 80s banger, frontman Tom Ogden’s vocal notably smoother than it used to be. He croons catchy hooks a-plenty while clean-cut synths glimmer away in the background before fading out – often a cheap trick, but one that fits perfectly here. Providing they can keep it up, it seems Blossoms aren’t quite ready to be tossed on the ever-growing heap of indie landfill.

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