Track of the Day #22: Everything Everything – Breadwinner

For fans of: Foals, Django Django, Wild Beasts
Hear it live: Norwich UEA LCR (2 March) – tickets.

Not only are they hitting the road this Friday for a massive UK tour, but Everything Everything have also shared a surprise new EP, including ‘Breadwinner’, a new single. It’s tricky to tell what the track is about. With lyrics that reference everything from Nine Eleven to the Titanic disasters, to eating crayons, to flat earth conspiracy theories, Jonathan Higgs continues to churn out hot takes on controversy and current affairs in seemingly dissipating levels of coherence. The equally weird video, depicts a crudely misshapen animated version of Higgs, like something from the dark depths of the internet 15 years ago. Yet this is what makes Everything Everything so brilliant, the Manchester quartet proving time after time that it’s okay to be weird, while proving how to do it best.

Everything Everything are dropping by the UEA LCR in Norwich this Friday 2nd March, on the opening night of their UK tour. For more upcoming live music picks, check out our brand new segment Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

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