Track of the Day #19: Bloxx – Novocaine

For fans of: The Amazons, Jaws, Fickle Friends
Hear it live: Norwich UEA LCR (25 March) w/ The Wombats – tickets.

Hailing from West London, Bloxx’s ascent from four mates jamming out to nationally touring band-on-the-rise has been rapid, to say the least. Since opening for The Wombats at Brixton Academy last summer, the quartet have shared a string of decent but fairly generic singles. With a full UK tour alongside the Liverpool heroes just around the corner, their newest cut ‘Novocaine’ feels like a step in the way of bigger things. Between cloudy guitars and funk-heavy bass, Fee Booth snarls “I won’t wait until you figure it out”, a line you’ll have in your head for hours after listening.

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