Track of the Day #17: Let’s Eat Grandma – Hot Pink

For fans of: Pixx, Girli, PC Music
Hear it live: Vauxhall Lightbox (8 March) – tickets.

‘Hot Pink’ is the first indication of a radical style shift for Let’s Eat Grandma, who first painted themselves as wraith-like children on their 2016 debut ‘I, Gemini’. On that album the Norwich duo melded organic textures with a playful, childish energy, and it’s that same energy that pumps through the veins of ‘Hot Pink’, except those two forest characters are long gone, earthtone replaced by new neon outfits. Playing by no one’s rules but their own, Jenny Hollingworth and Rosa Walton use music as a playground, taking down gender stereotypes in their millennial-smart lyrics, and bringing unexpected dance potential through distorted beats. Both pop-revolutionary-of-the-hour SOPHIE and The Horrors main man Faris Badwan have collaborated on the band’s new material, adding vibrant elements of their own to Grandma’s already extravagant mixing pot.

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