Track of the Day #14: SOPHIE – Faceshopping

For fans of: Fever Ray, Charli XCX, Perfume Genius
Hear it live: London Heaven (13 March) – tickets.

Disjointed, industrial, and wacky as you like, SOPHIE is what the future of pop music sounds like. On the latest single from the Transgressive-signed PC Music affiliate, every rule in the chart music handbook is tossed haphazardly out the window; there are no easy-flowing verses here, no catchy hooks, just nightmarish scratches and vocals so cleanly produced they probably qualify as ASMR. Around the midway point, the song completely switches gear into a sugar coated ballad, before dissolving yet again into flickering electro mania. Constantly pushing boundaries in everything she creates, SOPHIE is the real deal.

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