So Young’s new t-shirt drop is the fashion/music crossover your wardrobe deserves

Over the past few years, south coast makers-of-cool-stuff So Young have rightfully earned themselves a cult following from fans and artists alike, in London and across their native south coast. On top of their stunningly crafted music magazines which partner the best new sounds with a striking mix of visual arts (give the latest issue a read here) the brand also promote their own live gigs, and produce epic merchandise: they’ve just dropped their new range for Spring 2018.

On the four new t-shirts, mag editor and graphic artist Josh Whettingsteel dices together line drawings and vintage typography in a way that’s energetic and fresh, but hints at classic inspirations like the Sex Pistols’ iconic ‘Never Mind…’ LP cover. Plus there are some less subtle references too – neatly arranged over one of the new tees, “how can someone sing words so sad?” is lifted from The Smiths’ 1987 track ‘Sheila Take A Bow’.

Shop the new collection now.

Budding arty types might also be interested in So Young’s current Illustration contest – send in your finest work for their forthcoming issue and you could win £200 cash, plus a variety of other treats. Don’t wait around, the deadline is Friday 23rd February.

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