Track of the Day #09: Peace – Power

For fans of: The Stone Roses, The Killers, Mystery Jets
Hear it live: Norwich Waterfront (15 May) – tickets.

Indie darlings Peace are well and truly back. Following their semi-official comeback in December, ‘Power’ is the first real taste of what the Birmingham quartet’s forthcoming third album consists of. Flamboyant, sharp, and a heap of fun, it’s unmistakably Peace, with a rousing chorus embellished by crunchy percussion. An uplifting take on the gloomy world we all currently inhabit, frontman Harry Koisser explains of the song, “It is my belief that music, if you let it, will be the oozing ore from which you forge a key. POWER is not only a call to arms, but a song about wearing that key on a silver necklace while you fly kick the door through and charge heart first into the world wide banquet of love.”

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