*PREMIERE* Track of the Day #07: Peach Club – Oh My God

For fans of: Dream Wife, Bikini Kill, Slaves
Hear it live: Leeds and Birmingham in February, London in March

Last year Norwich riot-grrrls Peach Club set rooms across the South East on fire with their no-fucks-given activist/punk tunes. With even wider-spread tour dates imminent and their second EP ‘Cherry Baby’ landing tomorrow – the title track of which is an ode to Runaways icon Cherie Currie – it looks like 2018 will be an even bigger year for the budding four piece. The EP captures the anger of four millennial women in a world that is still a battleground of gender inequality, deconstructing modern femininity piece by piece and stringing it back together on their own terms – empowered, confident, and taking no bullshit. Its most energetic cut is ‘Oh My God’, a 2 minute scorcher which grinds like Slaves’ early material, broadcasting a message of empowerment for all to hear. “I’d rather be a bitch than be fucking prejudiced!” Katie Revell screams before the chorus crashes in like an anvil dropped through a glass ceiling.


Photo: Poppy Marriott

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